Syllabus and Activities


1. Don Bosco School,Gumla, being an English-medium school makes every effort to teach the students to handle English effectively as a written and spoken language. The students are expected to speak English in the school Campus

2. The school will prepare the students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, in the following subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Applications and Economic Applications. Besides the above subjects, Social Studies, Sanskrit, General Knowledge, Drawing and Craft and Socially Useful Productive Work are also part of the studies. The third language, Sanskrit is discontinued at the end of class VII. Classes in Christian Doctrine for Catholic students and Moral Science for other students constitute an integral part of the curriculum.

3. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. A student must strive to attain qualities of mind and heart and integrate into his life virtues such as honesty, sincerity, piety, compassion, generosity, love for nature, self-reliance and patriotism.

4. Don Bosco School believes that properly organised and regulated co-curricular activities are just as much a part of sound education as studies. Mere book learning is not enough for life. Hence special attention is given to develop the student’s personality, initiative, originality and sense of national integration through creative co-curricular activities and by involvement and participation in various youth groups and movements, sports and games and cultural programmes.
The games period is compulsory for all and all should take part in it. Karate / Yoga Classes are given twice a week to students of Classes 3 to 7. It is compulsory for the students of classes 3 to 7 to opt for either of these two options if they are not members of the school Band or of the Music Club. Training in Karate and Yoga has proved to be of help in the physical, mental and spiritual development of the student.

The school is divided into four Houses, each named after a Salesian Saint: 
BOSCO (Blue House),
FRANCIS (Yellow House),
SAVIO (Red House),
MAZZARELLO (Green House)
Many of the activities of the school are organized according to the Houses.

The school has the following Action groups: 
(a) Scouts and Guides
(b) Science Club
(c) Cultural Club
(d) Literary Club
(e) Sports Club
(f) Young Christian Students’ Movement
(g) Nature Club
(h) Class buddies
(i) Student Council.
(j) Bosco Youth Group
(k) Cyber Club
(l) Music Club
(m) Bosco Band and
(n) Table Tennis Club. 

5. Don Bosco School aims at contributing to the building up of a more just society and one worthy of man by promoting a systematic social education of the students. The national education policy of the nation directs students to take active part in social and community services in order to build their character, to appreciate the dignity of manual labour and develop a sense of social responsibility. Social Service Projects are an integral part of the school curriculum and the students are expected to take active part in the campaigns organised in the school.



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