Parental Attention to Study


1. Parents retain the rights and duties in the education of their children. Even though they delegate them in part to the school. The collaboration of the parents is essential in the work of education carried out in the school. Hence Parents and guardians are requested to cooperate with the School authorities:-

a) By giving constant attention and encouragement to their children to enable them to improve their performance

b) By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and diligent in the fulfilment of their written assignments and daily lessons.

c) By ensuring that your child is not absent except for health reasons or such exceptionally valid reasons. Absence without leave will affect children’s progress and promotion. However, please don’t send a child to school if he / she is suffering from any illness. If a child has to be absent, leave must be applied for in the proper form, in the diary. Absence after vacation or long holidays will be viewed very seriously.

d) By not engaging private tutors without informing the School authorities. It is the policy of the school as a rule to discourage private tuitions as a pupil should be able to progress in his/her work as a result of good teaching in the school and the regular fulfilment of assignments. In the ordinary course, private tuitions are not to be undertaken by the class teachers or by subject teachers for their own students. Parents have duty to inform the school if they are engaging private tutors for their wards.

e) By insisting on neatness and cleanliness in their textbooks, exercise books and personal appearance.

f) By occasionally interviewing the Principal /V. Principal to discuss the progress of their wards. Parents and guardians are always welcome to the school to discuss any problem of their children at the time fixed for such meeting or at other times by previous appointment

g) By occasionally meeting the teachers to discuss the performance of their children. However, Parents or visitors are requested not to see the teachers during class hours without the permission of the Principal /V. Principal. They may meet the teachers to discuss the performance of their wards in school immediately after their classes are over on any class day. Arrangement can also be made to see the teachers during the Tiffin break.

h) By attending the Parent Teacher meetings that are arranged after the first and second term examinations and before the Final examinations.

i) By promptly signing the reports of the Terminal Examinations and taking an active interest in the activities and functions of the school.

2. Ordinarily communication with parents is carried out through circulars issued to the whole school or particular classes and also through the School Diary. These should be carefully read and instruction followed. Parents / guardians are strongly advised to check the school diary daily. On the first day of every month, the School Diary should be checked by the Parents and signed with the words ‘CHECKED”.

3. Letters sent to parents must be properly responded. Parents when summoned to School must understand that there is something very important to be discussed with them.

4. Parents and students are discouraged strongly from giving any kind of gifts to teachers / members of the staff. They are strongly discouraged from visiting the School Staff in their residences, except in an emergency.

5. Parents are also requested not to allow small children to wear ornaments or carry cash with them, as they may not be able to take care of them.

6. Admittance into the school premises is at the sole discretion of the school authorities, who reserve to themselves the right to refuse admission to anyone without assigning any reason whatsoever.

7. Though the school takes care of your ward while in school by providing a safe environment, the school cannot be held responsible for any self inflicted or accidental mishap/injury, physical or otherwise, that may befall your ward. If hospitalization becomes necessary, it may be done even before the parents can be informed.

8. Parents/Guardians threatening by various methods, by levelling malicious or false allegations or spreading rumours or giving false information which tends to bring disrepute to the school or its employees or spreading panic among them might result in issuing of Transfer Certificate to their son/daughter/ward from the school.

9. All communications to the school must be addressed to the principal.



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