Assessment and Promotion


1. Promotion at the end of the year will be based on attendance, continuous assessment in every subject, work done during the year, and overall conduct record.
2. The periodic assessments held during the year are notified in the school calendar. These assessments are based on Unit tests, class tests, class / home assignments, project works and written examinations. The distribution of marks will be based on:

First Term: Unit test = 20; Examination = 80 100
Second Term: Class tests= 20;
Project work =20;Assignments=10; Exam= 50
Third Term: Unit test = 20; Examination = 80 100

Promotion to the next class will be considered on the basis of whole year’s work, i.e. average of all the three assessments.

3. Normally a student should obtain minimum 40 % marks in all subjects. He may be considered for promotion even if he fails in one of the subjects other than Moral Science/Catechism, English, Hindi, and SUPW.

4. The answer papers of the First and Second Terminal Examinations will be shown to the parents but the scripts of the Annual Examination will not under any circumstances will be shown to the guardians or private tutors.

5. For students who are absent for any Assessment no provision can be made for supplementary tests.

6. If a child unable to appear for any examination due to illness, a medical certificate has to be produced to this effect. This will however have no claim over promotion. If the absence is justified, the fact will be taken into account at the end of the school year. Parents are therefore requested never to send their children for an examination when they are ill or recovering from illness.

7. Progress cards issued after Terminal examinations are to be countersigned by parents and returned to the school on the date notified. defaulters maybe penalised through a fine/and may not be allowed to attend school until his report is collected/returned.

8. Regular attendance in class is a condition for promotion. A student will not be promoted to the next higher class if his / her attendance falls below 85 %. Condonation is exercised only in exceptionally valid cases and that too only to the extent of 10% shortage.

9. The breach of any regulations of conduct at examinations or the use of unfair means, even if discovered subsequently, will result in the cancellation of the particular paper and the student concerned will be awarded zero. If such misconduct is repeated, he or she will be expelled from the entire examination (all subjects). A student who has recourse to pre-meditated cheating will be given TG at the end of the school year.

10. The results of the Final Assessment is final and cannot be changed.

11. A pupil failing in his class at the end of the year does not remain on the rolls unless the Parents /Guardians notify the Principal in advance that they wish their son/ward to continue his/her studies in the school.

12. Principal’s Decision in matters of promotion is Final & Binding.

13. Grades:

Letter Grade Marks
A+ 91-100
A 81-90
B 71-80
C 61-70
D 51-60
E 41-50
E (Not Satisfactory) Below 40



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